Use this free chart to make a crochet baby dress

Crochet baby dress in blue color on the table

Hello girls! Let’s learn how to make a crochet baby dress? Today is the day to learn how to make a beautiful dress for newborn girls. Very easy to make you just need your needle and your crochet yarn. This dress is made in blue, but you can use other colors, such as yellow, red, pink, green and all other colors, because all this crochet dress looks beautiful in anything.
You’ll leave any baby looking like a princess. And for you to make the most of it, I’ll leave a graphic here for you to follow the pattern of crochet and make several beautiful pieces!

Get your needle and thread, pay attention to the information in the free chart and have fun making a beautiful crochet!

Graphic and pattern of crochet baby dress in blue color

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