Step by Step How to Crochet Christmas Baubles

Step by Step How to Crochet Christmas Baubles
Tutorial by HappyBerry Crochet


Friendships that love crochet, Christmas is coming and with it comes the decorations that enrich our homes, so today I will share with you the tutorial with the step by step as Crochet Christmas Baubles. We are going to learn?

Every detail of Christmas leaves our home more welcoming and the Christmas spirit leaves our hearts more cheerful, so I thought it was great to share that step by step that shows how to make Christmas Baubles to decorate trees and other places and environments.


Instructions how to make Christmas Baubles for the tree


Stay tuned, just click on the play and you will see a simple step by step how to make these crochet balls, they are easy to make and do not require much time, that is, only a few minutes and you will make a wonderful decoration for the your Christmas tree.


10 yarn or 4ply / fingering weight yarn, 2.5mm crochet hook and 70mm polystyrene balls.


Step by Step How to Crochet Christmas Baubles
Crochet Christmas Baubles

Watch the video made by HappyBerry Crochet, that woman is sensational and makes wonderful explanations!


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