School Colors Blanket: See the step by step how to do | Crochet DIY

School Colors Blanket: See the step by step how to do | Crochet DIY
Designed by Marianne Forrestal

Here’s how to do School Colors Blanket, through the free pattern I’m sharing with you, because here your crochet will be perfect and with many beautiful and incredible details, are you ready to do a great job in crochet with your own hands?

My friends, today I am leaving here for you the beautiful written pattern of this Crochet Blanket in which used threads in colors of the school age, know those strong and vibrant colors: blue and yellow thread.

My will today is that you can use your own hands to make a very comfortable blanket for you to use in your day to day or even for you to use on chilly nights or in the periods when you want to discourage.


Do it Yourself – Use the Free Pattern to Make a Crochet Blanket | DIY


Today you do not need to go to a store to buy clothes, cushions or blankets, because through that step by step writing, you will be able to make several crochet blankets in the “school colors” style.

In particular, I loved this piece and use it to decorate a room of a young man who is in school, because these thread colors are perfect to make the atmosphere more beautiful and cozy.

But to do that crochet work, do you need the pattern in writing? So do not worry, because I am sharing with you the free pattern, just click the link below and see all the details of this beautiful accessory.


School Colors Blanket: See the step by step how to do | Crochet DIY


♥ Click here to download the PDF pattern


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