Crochet rug recipe for your living room

An easy crochet rug recipe to make your room wonderful!

Today I’m going to share another crochet rug recipe that you love: rug! Today’s recipe is the Carpet Contraster, a great rug to put in the room and impress the visitors. The recipe for the Crochet Contraster Rug comes in three steps: the first is the step-by-step of the main rug, the second is the smaller rug that is part of the set and the third part is the finish around them.

The step by step of this recipe in crochet is easy and also the suggestion of the colors for Carpet Contraster is perfect. I think you guys are going to really enjoy this recipe today.

So let’s see the specs of the Crochet Contraster Carpet Recipe.

Carpet Contraster Recipe

  • Size (Approximate): 60cm / 25cm
  • Materials used: a roll of string number 6 in the medium pink color, a roll of string number 6 in the color straw, a ball of baroque yarn in blue color mixed and needle for crochet number 4.
  • Points: High Point, High Point, Low Point, Low Point


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