Crochet rug pattern easy to follow

Crochet rug on top of a wooden floor in a rustic setting

You can count on this pattern of crochet rug easy to be followed and make a piece fully stylized and ready to beautify your home. Today I share with you this beautiful recipe that combines more rustic environments with wood tones.
This pattern is free, allowing you to make a very beautiful crochet tape, opening doors to make money from selling them or even just to decorate your home.
You will need 2 strands of Baroque yarn preferably in beige color, 1 roll of Soberan number 4 string in brown color and 3.5mm crochet needle.
With this material it will be possible to make a carpet of approximately 65cm x 1.20m.

Follow the pattern for this easy to make crochet rug

With the beige yarn you need to make 55 chains, plus 3 chains to climb and follow the graph 01. When you make 1.20m you should stop. To make the outline, you should take the brown string and follow the graph 02 around the carpet for 6 carriages, 1 carreirinha with the beige yarn and the last carreirinha in the brown color.

Graphic and pattern of rustic crochet rug

That’s it girls I hope I have helped you with this pattern that provides a wonderful result.
You can look at this easy crochet pattern as many times as necessary.
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