Blanket: Patchwork style crochet with squares (Free Pattern PDF)

The Handmade Crochet Blanket combines in the decoration of environments and is also an excellent choice for gifts. That’s why today’s free pattern brings this beautiful blanket that is perfect for giving that special touch on sofas or armchairs. Made up of crochet squares in Patchwork style, this piece is a very beautiful in different colors, just choose the one that fits best in your decoration.

Crochet blanket with free pattern: perfect for decorating your house


What I like most about this rug model are its square details with different crochet yarn colors. Each of these colors brings a mixture of joy and peace to the atmosphere of your home to make your bedroom or bedroom a cozy and quiet place.


The colors of this crochet draw attention because of its charm, but you can invest in different crochet yarns and make prettier blankets. By making several blankets you can put a very affordable price and sell your pieces with a value that will help you and who knows how to help you live by just doing crocheting.


Blanket: Patchwork style crochet with squares (Free Pattern PDF)

How to make the blanket in the Patchwork style?

Like any good manual, you need a pattern to follow, do not you? Therefore, I am sharing with the written pattern of this piece of crochet. You can download the PDF file to do this work yourself.


Click here to download the PDF Pattern.


Now that you have all the necessary information, such as materials, threads and needles, you need to separate a time from your day and start working on that crochet blanket, as I assure you that it will be worth devoting to making that crochet DIY.


Blanket: Patchwork style crochet with squares (Free Pattern PDF)


If you like crocheted blankets, you’ll love this baby blanket made with all the love and affection.


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